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FA120278 Rail workshop lifting jacks
FA120278FA120278 Rail workshop lifting jacks

 FALLER  120278 Rail workshop lifting jacks kit  HO In Stock

FA130537  Farm Slaughter house - Laser cut kit
FA130537FA130537 Farm Slaughter house - Laser cut kit

 FALLER  130537  Farm Slaughter house - Laser cut kit  HO In Stock

For home butchering. Rural brick slaughterhouse with swing door, side canopy and a free-standing shed. Accessories include livestock scales, sausage kettle and table, as well as barrels, jugs and all types of meat goods.  Can be assembled with card glue

FA180587  Modern bus shelters
FA180587FA180587 Modern bus shelters

 FALLER  180587  Kit for 2 modern bus shelters  HO In Stock

FA222573 Modern arched concrete bridge
FA222573FA222573 Modern arched concrete bridge

FA222573 Modern concrete arched bridge  N Gauge In Stock

FA272561 Hay Gathering
FA272561FA272561 Hay Gathering

FA272561 Hay Gathering N Gauge In Stock


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