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ESU 41000 Set of 10 couplings
ESU41000ESU 41000 Set of 10 couplings
E.S.U.  41000 Pack of 10 couplings that work with the ESU locomotives
HO In Stock
Very similar to Trix couplings but they are not magnetic so they uncouple far better when you are using an ESU shunting loco with DCC uncoupling.  They will also couple to Standard Maerklin and Roco loop couplings.
ESU 41010 OO/HO Premium loco service stand
ESU41010ESU 41010 OO/HO Premium loco service stand
E.S.U. 41010 OO/HO Premium loco service stand  DCC Control   In Stock 
The ESU Premium Foam Train Service Tray is the ideal tool for the maintenance and care of your locomotives.
Two recesses are available for perfect work: The locomotive can be clamped upside down to comfortably reach the underbody of the locomotive. In the classic inclined tray, you can easily reach the sidewalls of the locomotive or set up the locomotive almost vertically, in order to achieve the interior of the locomotive well.
The Premium Foam Train Service Tray consists of a soft, fine-pored foam with high restoring force. As a result, small parts such as handle bars, antennas or pantographs cannot get caught and thus reduce the possibility of damage to a minimum. The material is resistant to oil, grease and other cleaning agents. For safe storage of small parts and screws, a magnetic storage recess is available over the entire length.
The Premium Foam Train Service Tray is 328mm long and can be arranged in rows, so that longer Service Trays for the maintenance of railcars can be built. 
XF-021 ESU 51990 Smoke distillate
REE XF-021XF-021 ESU 51990 Smoke distillate

 REE Modeles  XF-021  (ESU 51990) Smoke Distillate fluid for models with a smoke generator.  125ml bottle  In Stock


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