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nme - Nürnberger Modelleisenbahnen

The food source for industry . . . . .
Whole trains of coal wagons running in fixed rakes ran from the coal mines in the Ruhr to the factories, feeding the industrial furnaces to make iron and steel or direct to harbours to be loaded onto ships.

Removable Bunkers
These tiny wagons (called Ok wagons) are highly detailed, modelled so that the individual coal bunkers can be removed from the chassis, as they would have been lifted off by crane in real life.
In the model wagons, each bunker is held in place by an innovative magnetic design so that they can be lifted off and replaced as necessary!

Different wagon Numbers
Enthusiasts will know that these wagons ran in long, fixed rakes, so as each batch is produced in the future, the running number of each wagon will be sequentially changed for extra realism.

Close Couplings
Of course, to satisfy the demands from today’s discerning modellers, each wagon has close-coupling sockets.

Various Epochs of History
These wagons ran through the stages of the development, from Epoch II to the present day, so these wagons incorporate the slight historical variations to reflect the subtle changes in railway era. [Epochs 2,3, 4 and 5]

201200 DRG Wagon
NME201200201200 DRG Wagon

nme 201200 DRG Coal cube wagon. Type Ok with two coal cubes. EpII N Gauge In Stock

rrp £32.50  Sale £21.95

201201 DRG Wagon
NME201201201201 DRG Wagon

nme 201201 DRG Coal cube wagon. Type Ok with three coal cubes. EpII N Gauge In Stock

rrp £32.50  Sale £21.95

201400 DB Wagon
NME201400201400 DB Wagon

nme 201400 Pair of DB Coal cube wagons. Type F(b)-zz 131 with two coal cubes. EpIV  N Gauge In Stock

rrp £57.50  Sale £43.50

201500 DB AG Wagon
NME201500201500 DB AG Wagon

nme 201500 DB AG Coal cube wagon. Type F(b)-zz 131 with two coal cubes. EpV N Gauge In Stock

rrp £32.50  Sale £21.95

201501 DB AG Wagon
NME201501201501 DB AG Wagon

nme 201501 DB AG Coal cube wagon. Type F(b)-zz 131 with two coal cubes. EpV N Gauge In Stock

rrp £32.50  Sale £21.95


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