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IntelliLight – Intelligent Model Railway lighting

Who does not know the beautiful model railway layouts which are illuminated by fluorescent or halogen lamps and do not show a correct impression of a landscape in the daylight? With IntelliLight you get realistic lighting for your model railway layout. IntelliLight illuminates your layout taking into account the time of day and the weather.
  • Change between day and night
  • Different lighting situations:
  • Clear sky, cloudy appearance, rain and thunderstorm
  • With a photo-flash and IntelliSound module: "rain and thunderstorm"
  • Usable in analog and digital layouts
  • IntelliLight is powered with a normal model railway transformer
  • The modular construction can be individually adapted to each layout
The day in the model railway layout begins with dawn. The sun then rises after a magnificent morning red. The sun then goes down after an eventful day, and the moon then washes the entire layout in a mysterious silvery light.
According to the weather conditions there is radiantly beautiful or gloomy weather. Now and then it rains or a thunderstorm develops and it flashes and thunders.
The day’s routine is started when switching the layout on with an adjustable timer. The type of lighting depends on the time and cloudy appearance. Thunderstorms and rain appear according to a random number generator or by the push of a button.
Depending upon the programming a day passes in 24 hours or up to 20 times faster, therefore in approximately 1¼ hours. The lighting can be switched manually or controlled automatically according to time.
All time periods are pre-programmed and can be changed in duration and intensity according to one’s own  wishes by LocoNet CV programming.
For digital and analog layouts
Our IntelliLight lighting system is powered by a separate model railway transformer. In combination with a digitally controlled model railway facility, which is controlled by a digital center with LocoNet interface (Intellibox, TwinCenter or Piko Power box), it is connected to the LocoNet. Then the day/night transitions, as well as the meteorological phenomena can be triggered by instruction via LocoNet.
The lighting can be controlled by the push of a button from the control center. Furthermore it is possible for IntelliLight to switch the road or house lighting that is installed on the layout, on and off at the correct time.
The configuration of the IntelliLight is programmed from the digital center using LocoNet programming. So all timing can be changed according to one’s own wishes.
The Lighting from the layout pictured above. All units were connected together at a height of 1 m above the layout at an angle of 45°. Thus the layout and also the background are optimally lit. For Uhlenbrock's demonstration layout of approx. 2.5 x 1 m one basic unit and two white add-on units with the "lightning & sound" extension were combined. 

See the IntelliLight
system in action on YouTube

Uhlenbrock 28000 + 28010 + 28110 IntelliLight Combo SALE
UH28000Uhlenbrock 28000 + 28010 + 28110 IntelliLight Combo SALE
Special Offer Combination package of 28000 Main unit + 28010 Expansion + 28110 Thunder and lightning set
 (rrp £424.55)
Uhlenbrock  28000 IntelliLight Basic Unit
Basic unit: with the electronic control, two white, a red and a blue CCFL tube and a halogen flood lamp. Allowing connection of as many add-on units as desired. Including two end caps it measures (L x B x H): 600 x 105 x 66mm.  Power requirement approx. 27VA.

Uhlenbrock 28010 IntelliLight White Add On

60cm add-on unit white: with four white tubes and a halogen flood lamp, including the connecting piece and cable. Power requirement approx. 27VA


Uhlenbrock 28110 IntelliLight - Thunder and Lightning Sound Module  2 x 20cm units

Lightning and sound Add-on unit: a unit with strobe flash and a unit with loudspeaker and IntelliSound module "rain and thunderstorm". Included: 2 connecting pieces and cables. Power requirement approx. 43VA.

Uhlenbrock 29011 LED Soffit lamp
UH29011Uhlenbrock 29011 LED Soffit lamp
Uhlenbrock 29011 a pair of LED coach light - modern white, 23mm festoon lamps to replace the conventional bulbs used in  older Roco, Lima and ADE coaches.  (Roco Spare part number 4571S)  12-19v AC or DC.
Uhlenbrock 29012 LED Soffit lamp
UH29012Uhlenbrock 29012 LED Soffit lamp
Uhlenbrock 29012 a pair of LED coach light - warm white, 23mm festoon lamps to replace the conventional bulbs used in  older Roco, Lima and ADE coaches.  (Roco Spare part number 4571S)  12-19v AC or DC.

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