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These pages have been assembled to help with the DCC Systems that we sell in the shop. There are now over 150 demonstration films as well as additional information and alternative uses for products.

DCC Help Categories:

The categories below will look at some general features of DCC as well as a detailed look at the Manufacturers that we import.


The Lenz Digital Plus DCC SystemThe Lenz Digital Plus DCC System
Help pages with films
The Uhlenbrock DCC SystemThe Uhlenbrock DCC System
Help section for Uhlenbrock. An easy to use Digital system with a huge selection of accessories that encompass the whole of DCC
A General Guide to DCCA General Guide to DCC
Useful information applicable to many DCC Systems
Fleischmann DCCFleischmann DCC
A & H Decoder Fitting ServiceA & H Decoder Fitting Service
Decoder installation filmsDecoder installation films

55017 SmartControl Light DCC System 2 amps
pk5501755017 SmartControl Light DCC System 2 amps

Piko 55017 SmartControl light DCC System  - identical to Uhlenbrock 64300 Daisy II   In Stock

New Complete DCC Digital System 

Contents of 55017:
-SmartBox Light Central
-SmartController Light-Handset
-Power supply unit  (UK 3-pin plug)
-LocoNet Spiral cable 3m

DCC Help pages - Click here
-20 locomotives can be controlled simultaneously
-9999 locomotive addresses
-Data format DCC with 14, 28, and 128 speed steps for each locomotive address individually selectable
-Up to 25 locomotive special functions per locomotive switchable (Software Version 2.0 now allows the full 29 functions)
-Loco Names can be input and Loco symbols allocated
-Loco functions can have symbols allocated
-Up to 2000 solenoid-adresses in the DCC data format switchable
-Software Version 2 allows you to allocate symbols for points and signals
-Memory for 16 routes. Each of these routes can have 10 steps. Solenoid-Addresses 1-2048
-Max. Output: 2 A
-Programming track output for DCC decoders
-LNCV programming for LocoNet components
-Output for a Reversing Loop Relay 61080 for the automatic Control a terminal loop
-LocoNet T-connector for all LocoNet devices
-LocoNet B port for external LN boosters such as Power 4 or Power 8
-With RailCom® CutOut in the DCC signal as for the automation system MARCo


EU/UK Plug adaptor
2-3 PlugEU/UK Plug adaptor

EU 2 pin to UK 3pin Mains plug adaptor. In Stock


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