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10808 Z21 Detector
1080810808 Z21 Detector

 Roco  10808 Z21 Train Occupation Detector  DCC Control In Stock

Special price £94.50 (rrp £120)

■ Track-occupied detector for 8 sections
■ Occupied message by means of power monitoring of track sections
■ RailCom-detector for loco identification
■ Connection via CAN bus and R bus
■ Configuration and update simply by app or PC via Z21®
■ Occupied/feedback with momentary contact
■ Includes connection cable for R-Bus/CAN


Roco 10808 - Is a more advanced replacement for the old 10787 Feedback module  -It has power sensing so that it can detect any item of rolling stock that is consuming power in a rail section.

Using 10808 with R-bus - open to any Z21 with wifi capability:

Using 10808 with CAN bus - Only for 10820 Z21 Black which has a CAN port:

10836 Accessory Decoder (Replaces 10775)
RO1083610836 Accessory Decoder (Replaces 10775)

 Roco  10836 Accessory Decoder N Gauge OO/HO O Gauge  In Stock 

Z21 switch DECODER

Special Price £69 (rrp £92)

The Z21 switch DECODER is an universally applicable DCC switching decoder with a ower output of 2 Amperes for up to 8 switches or up to 16 elements such as LEDs and bulbs.

Simple connection
A separate DC supply can be connected so that the control centre or booster outputs are not placed under unnecessary load. If the wiring should be as simple as possible, the rail signal can also be used as a supply. In addition, the outputs are protected against overload and short-circuits.

Adjustable outputs
Each of the 8 output pairs can be set to different modes independently of the other. These are already pre-configured and can simply be selected. Each output pair can also be individually dimmed so that lighting can be adapted precisely to requirements.

It perfectly can be combined with
■ twin coil motors
■ simple light signals
■ all kind of illumination
■ the control of relays

■ 8 output pairs can be set independently
■ Optional power supply via extra applied switching power supply
■ Programmable with RailCom® on the main track (POM)
■ Short-circuit protection against overload
■ Updateable

Adjustable modes
■ Standard operation - with configurable cut-in time for twin coil motors
■ Instantaneous operation - for switches and uncouplers. Can be be activated with a manual controller depending on the operating time (see also 10775)
■ Bistable continuous operation - Switching on or switching over of the lighting and signals
■ Bistable continuous operation - Switching on or switching over with light bulb simulation
■ Alternative flash
■ Alternative flash with light bulb simulation
■ Item numbers of switches 1-2040

RailCom is a registered trademark of the company Lenz Elektronik GmbH, Gießen.

* Please note  - These decoders are designed for use with German high quality point motors  (Fleischmann, Roco, Piko Maerklin...)  For high current draw point motors Hornby, Peco and SEEP we recommend using the Lenz LS150 as this has a 3Amp rating and separate power supply.

LDT GBM-8-G 8-Fold Track Occupancy Detector
LDTGBM8LDT GBM-8-G 8-Fold Track Occupancy Detector

LDT GBM-8-G 8-Fold Track Occupancy Detector  DCC Control In Stock

Special Offer  £25 (rrp £41.50)

If you use the Roco-Digital-System together with the Interface 10785 and the Software Rocomotion, you can use the track occupancy detector GBM-8 as an extension of the Roco Feedbackmodule 10787 to receive a comfortable and low-cost track occupancy report system.

There are no more switch-rails 42518  required. You simply isolate one rail at the track section to be monitored and connect this section with one of the 8 inputs of the track occupancy detector GBM-8.

The monitored track section will receive digital current via the 8-fold occupancy detector GBM-8.  As soon as a current consumer (loco or a wheel set with resistance lacquer) will be within the monitored track section the GBM-8 will report the occupancy situation to the Roco Feedbackmodule 10787.

The GBM-8 recognizes currents from 0,001 Ampere. The maximum digital current on each output can be up to 3 Ampere (peak current up to 7 Ampere).

The GBM-8 requires no separate voltage supply. Therefore is a minimum of wiring required.

The 8-fold track occupancy detector GBM-8 is devided into two 4-fold track occupancy detectors. Therefore is it possible to monitor tracks of two different booster sections. The partioning into two 4-fold track occupancy detectors simplifys the monitoring of  terminal loops as well.

M70392 DCC/MFX Home Signal
M70392M70392 DCC/MFX Home Signal

TRIX / Märklin  70392 DCC/MFX Home Signal lattice mast. EpIII-V HO In Stock

rrp £79.00 Special Price £62.50
Digital Home Signal with motor drive.
Two aspects: Hp0 (Stop, Red), Hp1 (Go, Green).
Can be used with DCC systems.  The mechanism may be mounted above or below the baseboard.


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