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Train Detection on a Model Railway

There are different systems for monitoring trains in hidden sidings or to allow automatic running.

Switch or reed contacts are the simplest components for triggering switching sequences on a model railway. Without additional components these are only suitable for analogue layouts.

Feedback units are electronic components that are connected to a section of track. They report when a locomotive or wagon with a current load is in the section. Our LocoNet Feedback Modules 63320 can also execute switching functions. These Feedback modules are a cost effective option for a simple automatic control.

NEW 2014 Universal Controller - Uhlenbrock have developed a system of automation that needs no special modifications or programming to your loco decoders.    The 68720 Universal Controller combines train detection with an inbuilt brake generator so that each block section can stop a train realistically at a red signal.  More importantly the block sections communicate with each other so that you can automate them . You can use Universal Controller with other systems of feedback.

LISSY – the Individual Locomotive Control System

In the LISSY system an infrared transmitter, which constantly transmits the locomotive address and train category (1-4), is fitted under the vehicle. Small infrared sensors are fitted into the track. This enables an exact identification and location of a locomotive that is fitted with a LISSY transmitter.The receivers can, not only send the locomotive address, train category and location to the digital center, but also many switching and locomotive command, such as speed and special functions. The notification occurs at the exact point where the receiver is fitted. It therefore has a momentary signal.  This is ideal for feedback whilst running but cannot detect stationary trains.

Compatibility of Feedback Systems
LocoNet Feedback modules, LISSY and MARCo can all be operated on the one layout. They complement each other and have no interferance between systems.

RailCom® - the bidirectional Feedback via the track New to Uhlenbrock - Now Available
The RailCom®-System has been in development for may years. Now firm specifications are available. The vehicles on a RailCom®-System are fitted with a RailCom®-transmitter or a RailCom®-enabled decoder. This transmits the data to be transmitted to the track. A MARCo** receiver, which has RailCom® detectors, is fitted to isolated track section. RailCom makes it possible to send information about a locomotive to the track for further processing. For this an appropriate spot in the track signal is used so that the RailCom® transmitter can transmit the data. For this a cutout must be available in the track signal. This technical condition must be met by all boosters regardless if it is an individual device or a digital center. This is the case with the Uhlenbrock Power 4 and Power 7 boosters. This technique makes it possible to identify and locate a locomotive that is fitted with a RailCom® transmitter. The MARCo receivers can, not only send the locomotive address, train category and location to the digital center, but also many switching and locomotive command, such as speed and special functions. Decoder CVs can also be read and programmed with RailCom®.

In contrast to LISSY the notification does not happen at a particular location but in a track section. It is therefore continuous sensing control.

Like all other devices from Uhlenbrock, the MARCo receivers are connected to the LocoNet. A special RailCom® bus is not required.

** MARCo = Modular Automation for RailCom

Demonstration of MARCo RailCom Automation:

Building an automatic layoutBuilding an automatic layout
Project to show just how much can be done in a small space September 2015
MARCo RailCom Feedback - Automation without a PCMARCo RailCom Feedback - Automation without a PC
The GBM Feedback Relay 43 400The GBM Feedback Relay 43 400
The LocoNet Feedback Module 63 320The LocoNet Feedback Module 63 320
Detects trains by their current consumption in a track section - very reliable
The LocoNet Occupancy Module 63330The LocoNet Occupancy Module 63330
Detects feedback signals from Reed switches, push buttons or from a third rail on Markiln
Universal Controller 68720Universal Controller 68720
DCC Block section automation for all DCC compliant locomotive decoders

68720 Universal Controller
UH6872068720 Universal Controller68720 Universal controller

The digital Universal Control can be employed for many automatic control sequences on a model railway layout and is connected to the digital center via the LocoNet. The control can monitor 4 track sections and brake and stop one train per track section depending on the signal. Every track section is controlled via 3 terminals. One terminal is used per transition section, one for the braking section, and one for the stop section. All sections must be isolated from the rest of the layout. 

The Universal Control 68720 can be expanded with other Universal Controls 68720 as wished. With the expansion it is possible to control 12 track stations with additional passing loop, or control Block section with as many Blocks as desired. In a Universal Control there are 4 occupancy detectors, 4 feedback units, a DCC Brake generator for the 4 track sections, and also an integrated route buffer for up to 13 routes with 20 switching instructions. All routes needed for the station control are saved in the module as switching sequences of solenoids and are activated by the module. No additional devices are required for activating the routes.

The system will only work with DCC Locomotive decoders.  Motorola, Selectrix and FMZ loco decoders are not supported.


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