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O Gauge DCC function Model

42450 DB 10T Whylen crane wagon
LENZ 4245042450 DB 10T Whylen crane wagon

Lenz 42450 DB 10T Whylen Crane wagon DCC Digital Epoch III.   O Gauge 

40 of these crane wagons were built by Eisenbau Wyhlen AG. Originally they were manually operated, but they were later converted to compressed air or Diesel/electric operation.

The Lenz model will feature DCC Digital control.
  Rotation of the crane
  Boom lift and lower
  Hook lifting and lowering
  Moving counterweight
Support jacks will be moved by hand

CAD drawings shown - model will most likely be DB Dark Green
New item 2021 - Price to be confirmed

News January 2019 - development of the electrical functions is complete - Functional testing threw up some issues that need to be addressed to provide a reliable model with all of the motors and electronics hidden - A 3-D printed test model is shown below - A stable material for the functional cables needs further testing.


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