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Faller 1:87 scale HO Plastic Model Buildings

FA120143 Haltigen Water Tower
FA120143FA120143 Haltigen Water Tower

 FALLER  120143 Haltigen Water Tower HO In Stock

A beautiful old water tower with spherical container and filigree steel girder construction. Shack as entrance to the pumping station, well cover and vent pipes are included.
Constructed in 1908, the prototype with its 500 m³ container stands at Haltingen near the Swiss border.  Diameter 99mm x 235mm high

FA120162  Gantry Crane
FA120162FA120162 Gantry Crane

 FALLER  120162  Gantry Crane Plastic kit HO In Stock

Large Industrial crane model. Can be built over tracks for loading wagons - great for railway, trans-shipment yards, industrial sites or dockyards.
Height is 24.5cm, The rail length is 34cm and the clearance underneath the gantry is 7.35cm

Special Price £29.95  (rrp £46.00)
FA120181 Covered platform
FA120181FA120181 Covered platform

 FALLER  120181 Covered platform HO In Stock

FA120185 Platform extensions
FA120185FA120185 Platform extensions

 FALLER  120185 Platform extensions - two straight and two curved sections  HO In Stock

FA120278 Rail workshop lifting jacks
FA120278FA120278 Rail workshop lifting jacks

 FALLER  120278 Rail workshop lifting jacks kit  HO In Stock

FA130439 The Blue House Cafe Kit
FA130439FA130439 The Blue House Cafe Kit

 FALLER  130439 The Blue House Cafe  HO In Stock

According to the original located in Oberstaufen in Allgäu. Welcome to the cosy café »Das Blaue Haus« (The Blue House). The white of doors, windows and their frames as well as the underside view of the roof pleasantly contrast with the blue facade of the brick building featuring two storeys plus an attic and shingle lining. The terrace to which the customers access by means of outside stairs and the rear canopy are manufactured by the laser-cut process. Tables and chairs for the service also form part of the kit. This building kit contains: 490 single parts in 11 colours, window foil, 1 paper mask, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction.
190mm x 180mm x 160mm
Special Price £49.95  (rrp £60.00)

FA130537  Farm Slaughter house - Laser cut kit
FA130537FA130537 Farm Slaughter house - Laser cut kit

 FALLER  130537  Farm Slaughter house - Laser cut kit  HO In Stock

For home butchering. Rural brick slaughterhouse with swing door, side canopy and a free-standing shed. Accessories include livestock scales, sausage kettle and table, as well as barrels, jugs and all types of meat goods.  Can be assembled with card glue

FA130991 Rescue Station for Fire / Police / Ambulance
FA130991FA130991 Rescue Station for Fire / Police / Ambulance

 FALLER  130991 Rescue Station for Fire / Police / Ambulance  HO In Stock
Emergency vehicle depot for a large town.  365 x 170 x 215mm

Sold out by Faller - Available at A & H

FA131309 Winterbach Station Hobby series
FA131309FA131309 Winterbach Station Hobby series

 FALLER  131309 Winterbach Station Hobby series kit HO In Stock

FA180587  Modern bus shelters
FA180587FA180587 Modern bus shelters

 FALLER  180587  Kit for 2 modern bus shelters  HO In Stock

FA180928 Power poles
FA180928FA180928 Power poles

 FALLER  180928 Power poles kit for 4  HO In Stock

FA190499  Winter Scenic Set
FA190499FA190499 Winter Scenic Set

 FALLER  190499  Winter Scenic Set  HO In Stock

Model winter atmosphere! Ensemble of a two-storey alpine house with a wooden well, bench for relaxing in the evening and balcony, as well as a half-round village church with a roofed portal and bell-tower. The kit also includes wintry, bare trees, icicles and a material composition for manufacturing glittering masses of snow, as well as a spatula and detailed information for designing your winter landscape.


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