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BUSCH Provides innovative scenery products for you to construct a realistic layout from the ground up

We keep a large stock of Busch Scenic products at the shop . The Busch range is massive and spreads over several pages on my website (I can only show 20 products per page) so, as well as showing every product in number order, I have also attempted to split it into useful sub-sections based on scale and product type.

We try to only show what is currently available in the shop - some items may be missing at busy times

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Winter WonderlandWinter Wonderland

1201 Pumpkin Field
BU12011201 Pumpkin Field

1201 Pumpkin Field  OO/HO In Stock

80 pumpkins in various sizes and 10 approx. 40 mm long vines with tendrils and pumpkin leaves.

1269 Runner beans on frame
BU12691269 Runner beans on frame

1269 Runner Beans OO/HO In Stock

Kit for 18 runner bean plants on three racks made of genuine wooden poles.

1203 Fern & Mushrooms
BU12031203 Fern & Mushrooms

1203 Fern & Mushrooms.  OO/HOIn Stock

The ferns are ideally suited for planting around creek beds, as forest vegetation or ornamental shrubs in gardens. Each individual fern plant consists of several leaves arranged in natural fashion. The set contains also birch and (completely printed) yellow mushrooms and fly agarics. Includes: Material for more than 20 Fern plants and 28 mushrooms.

1205 Roses
BU12051205 Roses

1205 Roses  OO/HO In Stock

Kit for 120 Roses in five different colors. Includes 20 »dirt piles« in which the rose stems can be arranged

1206 Tulips
BU12061206 Tulips

1206 Tulips  OO/HOIn Stock

Kit for 120 Tulips in five different colors (includes ground plates).

1207 Oxeye Daisies
BU12071207 Oxeye Daisies

1207 Oxeye Daisies (Marguerites)  OO/HOIn Stock

Kit for 120 Daisies (meadow flowers) in white and yellow (includes ground plates).

1212 Hay and Straw Bales
BU12121212 Hay and Straw Bales

1212 Hay and Straw Bales  OO/HOIn Stock

18 hay bales, 6 haystacks and 18 rolled straw bales. Includes special flocking for reproducing the dried surfaces of the bundles and suggestions for creating straw bale figures like those often seen in the fields at harvest time. The colors are suitable for use with Busch ground mat 7255 corn field and 7112 natural dried grass fibres.

1214 Cucumbers & Tomatoes
BU12141214 Cucumbers & Tomatoes

1214 Cucumbers & Tomatoes OO/HOIn Stock

Six cucumber and tomato plants. Both the leaves and the fruit correspond to the large model plants. For each tomato plant a spiral metal cage is provided. Height of the plants is approx. 25 mm. Building kit.

6003 Sunflower field
BU60036003 Sunflower field

6003 Sunflower field  OO/HOIn Stock

Add a sunflower field to your pike with this set. Includes 60 sunflowers and base.

1017 Industrial Wire Fencing
BU10171017 Industrial Wire Fencing

1017 Industrial Wire Fencing  OO/HOIn Stock

The new wire mesh fence consists of a special fine aluminum lattice, which is just 0.1 mm thick and possesses a mesh size of only 1.2 mm. This gives the model an absolutely prototypical appearance.

Package includes:  2.5 cm high x  94 cm long wire fencing mesh. Includes 24 round fence posts and two gates

1020 Garden and Allotment Wire Fencing
BU10201020 Garden and Allotment Wire Fencing

1020 Garden and Allotment Wire Fencing  OO/HOIn Stock

Kit for a green wire mesh garden fence with four metal doors and 30 posts. All parts are made of plastic.

Length: 100 cm: 18 mm high

60100 Lanz Threshing machine 1:45 scale wooden model
BU6010060100 Lanz Threshing machine 1:45 scale wooden model

BUSCH 60100 Lanz Threshing Machine O Gauge In Stock

Complete and ready to go on a layout, this wooden model of the 1911 Lanz Threshing machine has been beautifully constructed and is delivered inside a replica packing crate (There is also a cardboard box to protect this!) 

rrp £129.95 Sale £95  

10310 Three Telegraph poles
BU1031010310 Three Telegraph poles

BUSCH 10310 Three Telegraph poles with wooden poles 185mm tall.
O Gauge In Stock

rrp £23.95 Sale £15.95
10550 Sunflowers
BU1055010550 Sunflowers

BUSCH 10550 Sunflowers kit - pre coloured.Pack of 18
O Gauge
In Stock

1059 German Christmas Market
BU10591059 German Christmas Market

1059 German Christmas Market  OO/HOIn Stock

Includes four concession stands, Christmas tree lot with eight firs, cashiers booth, tables, beer kegs, snowman figure and more

1177 Brewery equipment
BU11771177 Brewery equipment

1177 Brewery equipment  OO/HOIn Stock

Set of ready made equipment for a small brewery.  Finished in realistic copper and steel colours.  Includes a selection of bottle crates.

5481  Flying stork  - working feature with motor
BU54815481 Flying stork - working feature with motor

5481 Stork flying around its nest - Motorised working feature  OO/HOIn Stock

Building kit for a stork nest with a stork flying in a circle above the nest. The flying stork is in a »holding pattern« waiting for his partner to fly away so he can feed the two young storks in the nest. Ready to connect to 14-16 V AC current. Height: approx. 135 mm

1061 Festive street decorations
BU10611061 Festive street decorations

1061 Festive street decorations  OO/HOIn Stock

A kit for 16 street decorations that my be suspended over a road or attached to buildings and lamp posts

1065 OO/HO Boat Rentals
BU10651065 OO/HO Boat Rentals

1065  Boat Rentals - Laser cut wood kit  OO/HOIn Stock

Complete building kit for making a typical boat rental service. Includes many accessories: an office building and wharf (made of genuine wood) rowboats and outboard motorboats, a rubber dingy and air mattresses. The wharf can be built in various configurations.

Size of office building: approx. 70 x 48 mm, 58 mm high
Size of wharf: approx. 350 x 30 mm.

1101 OO/HO Roundabout
BU11011101 OO/HO Roundabout

1101  Roundabout self adhesive  OO/HOIn Stock


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