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 ArtiTec 20.281.11/6870362  DRB Ssys Köln heavy duty wagon with tank load - Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel (Bumblebee) Mobile artillery  German Army. Three colour camouflage. EpII HO

The 45Tonne capacity Ssys Köln was produced in huge numbers to transport the heavy equipment for the Wehrmacht. Rail transport was essential for Armies whose heavy equipment was never intended for long overland runs - even without wear and tear, the fuel usage would be colossal. The Hummel entered service early in 1943.  

Accurate scale model.
Close Coupling kinematic mechanism with NEM coupling pocket - supplied with Roco style hoop coupling.


ArtiTec 2028111/6870232 Tank transporter wagon


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ArtiTec 2028111/6870232 Tank transporter wagon

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