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Uhlenbrock’s enlightened approach allows a whole range of digital products to be integrated with their system. Now when that digital train set proves to be too tempting and you end up with another control handset then you can now use it as an auxiliary control.

Uhlenbrock 63120 USB - LocoNet interface
UH63120Uhlenbrock 63120 USB - LocoNet interface

Uhlenbrock 63120 USB-LocoNet Interface + LocoNet Tool

The USB-LocoNet-Interface connects the PC directly to the LocoNet with the following systems:
• Uhlenbrock Intellibox, DAISY, Track-Control, IntelliLight
• Märklin 6021 with 6021-Infrared & LocoNet adapter
• Fleischmann Twin-Center, ProfiBoss, LokBoss
• PIKO Power Box
• Digitrax centers without PC interfaces
The USB-LocoNet-Interface can be used with the Windows 2000, XP and Vista (32 bits, without active user
account control) operating systems. A support for older Windows of systems like 95 or 98 is not provided.
The USB-LocoNet-Interface is supplied with the software "LocoNet-Tool". With LocoNet-Tool you can
configure, Uhlenbrock LocoNet modules such as Feedback modules, Switch modules, Displays and the
LISSY system via the LocoNet-System. Furthermore the software contains a LocoNet Monitor with which you
can supervise your LocoNet and analyze automatic procedures.
If you want use the LocoNet-Tool with an Intellibox, Twin-Center or PIKO Power Box then you must first
access our Internet site www.uhlenbrock.de to register it with the serial number shown below and the serial
number of your digital center.
The USB-LocoNet-Interface, with PC control programs, can be used for layout control. All PC programs,
which support the LocoNet protocol, can be installed for layout control.
Note: Before you connect your new USB-LocoNet-Interface with the PC, the driver for the interface must be installed. If you connect the interface with the PC before this it may malfunction.


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