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60103 Set 101-R Startset with wireless hand controller LH101-R
60103 Set 101-R Startset with wireless hand controller LH101-R

60103 Set 101-R Startset with wireless hand controller LH101-R

Lenz  60103 Set 101-R Startset with wireless hand controller LH101-R and LTM101 receiver

New product expected Q3 2021

Help Section

English manual for LH101 Handset (Manual - German, English French)

English manual for LZV200 PDF download  (Manual - German, English French )

For large model railway layouts where many motor vehicles, points and signals are used.

  • for up to 9999 digital motor vehicles and 1 analog locomotive
  • setting of 4-digit locomotive addresses
  • 14, 27, 28 or 128 speed steps
  • 69 functions for each locomotive (F0-F68)
  • double- and multiple-traction
  • the setting of automatic control is optional
  • Separate Programming track outputs
  • CV programming from CV1 to CV1024
  • higher requirements are met by adding (an infinite number of) additional amplifiers - LV103
  • connect up to 31 input devices to our universal input bus XpressNet.
  • programming in operational mode (PoM)
  • up to 2048 points, signals and other magnetic articles can be switched, depending on the control device used.
  • feedback bus to connect feedback modules and switch decoders that support the feedback function.
  • The LZV200 can generate the RailCom Signal (Global RailCom from LH101 V2.0)
  • Model Clock (LH101 V2.0)
  • Integrated USB PC Interface
  • Future updates can be applied using a memory stick

Each set comes with a LZV200 device (which is an amplifier plus command station) and an LH101 hand-held control device.

LZV200 Version 4.0

LH101-R Version 2.1

This set needs an additional Transformer.  There is the choice of the TR100 (3 Amp) or the TR150 (5 Amp)

GTIN: 44955004085

Our Price: £549.00

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