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40253-01 Br50 Steam Locomotive
40253-01 Br50 Steam Locomotive

40253-01 Br50 Steam Locomotive

Lenz 40253-01 DB Br50 Steam Locomotive with standard tender. Number 50 1242 EpIII. O Gauge 

New version 2018
Version with 3 domes, plated in front apron and original box tender
DCC Address 50 (This can be changed)
Loco will run on conventional 16vDC

Whilst the Br50 was a large locomotive it was able to run on many branch lines due to its light axle loading.  3,164 were built all over Europe and 2,159 were taken into DB stock after WWII. Around 350 went to the DR.  The loco was used on both freight and passenger trains.

Full DCC Digital function (Can be run on 12v DC analog but with limited function)
Running Sounds can be switched on or off on F3.
Controllable sound functions.
2 speakers - one near the cylinders and another in the tender.
Direction dependant headlights.
Cab light.
Service lighting under the running boards.

Driver and fireman figures in cab.
High Quality Maxon Motor with an efficient gearbox and toothed belt drive system will ensure silent running.
Boiler, Loco frames, Tender frames, Cylinders, valve gear and wheels all made from metal.
Model weight 1,896g
Minimum Radius 914mm (Lenz R1)
Digital uncoupling front and rear.
Correct loco to tender coupling distance.  Coupling is designed to separate easily.
Synchronised smoke generator. Developed in conjunction with Seuthe the 14ml capacity smoke generator will run for between 40 and 60 minutes.

USP (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and energy storage.
For transportation - The loco is bolted into its packaging to ensure that it cannot move in transit

This version will have the box tender, 3 domes and Witte smoke deflectors.  Large amounts of the loco constructed from metal  (Boiler, frames, tender chassis and cylinder block)
Lenz intend to produce the locomotive with work lights to illuminate the wheels and coupling rods.  The photos show the quality of the parts and Lenz have put exacting requirements on the quality of the finished model.

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