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26160 Power supply for LW150  

26160 Power supply for LW150

Lenz 26160 additional Power Supply for LW150 module.  Now Available

On a large system that uses a number of XpressNet devices you may find that you need additional power.  The LW150 has a socket that allows you to feed additional power into XpressNet using a 26160 transformer.

The LZV100 provides 300mA to XpressNet. Below is a table of XpressNet devices and the power that they use:


Item Connection Power requirement
LH100 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 28mA
LH90 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 18mA
LH01 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 30mA
USB Interface XpressNet (LMAB) 21mA
LW150 without LEDs XpressNet (LMAB) 18mA
LW150 with LEDs XpressNet (LMAB) 39mA
LS100 Feedback connection RS 1.5mA
LR101 Feeback module RS 1.5mA
LV101 Booster CDE 10mA

GTIN: 4044955001930
Item for collectors: Intended for collectors aged 14+

Our Price: £25.95

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