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22610 BM2 ABC Brake module
22610 BM2 ABC Brake module

22610 BM2 ABC Brake module

Lenz 22610 Brake module BM2 

English Manual

The BM2 module uses ABC braking to stop trains in front of a signal. When the signal is green the train will drive through.  When the signal is red the train will slow to a stop based on its decoder inertia settings.  You can also wire in a slow approach function - if the signal shows an amber caution then the train will slow down to a speed set in the decoder until it leaves the section and picks up speed.

All current Lenz decoders support ABC Braking and Slow approach.  ESU LokPilot V4.0 and LokSound V4.0 now have ABC Braking and Slow approach (Caution: Older ESU do not have ABC Braking).  New Zimo Decoders also support ABC Braking. Zimo decoders do not support slow approach function.

GTIN: 4044955226104
Item for collectors: Intended for collectors aged 14+

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