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22500 LG100 Brake module				 

22500 LG100 Brake module

Lenz 22500 LG100 Brake module

The brake generator LG100 serves to simulate real-life starting and stopping in front of and behind the signal. Contrary to ABC braking modules, the brake generator LG100 influences all locomotive decoders, not only Gold decoders. The LG100 is the forerunner of the ABC technology. The brake generator sends a special data signal to the locomotive decoder; this signal triggers the braking procedure. Sectioning points are required in front of and behind the signal. The train brakes slowly and comes to a halt in front of the stop signal. When the signal is released, the train accelerates slowly to the speed set in the decoder. A brake generator can control all braking sections of the model railway layout. You need a separate amplifier (LV101, LV102 or LV200) to operate the brake generator. The train lighting remains switched on, even after the train has come to a halt. Contrary to ABC braking modules, passage in opposite direction is not possible. The LG100 influences the entire braking section. This means that a locomotive approaching from the opposite direction will also receive the braking command.

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