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15105 LRC100 RailCom Transmitter Module 5 pack  

15105 LRC100 RailCom Transmitter Module 5 pack

Lenz 15105 LRC100 RailCom Transmitter Module 5 pack

Manual in German, English and French

One transmitter module LRC100 is required for every locomotive whose address is to be read out, unless the decoder installed inside the locomotive is already fitted with one of these modules. Simply connect the transmitter module to the locomotive's track contacts. Thanks to its compact size, the transmitter module may be installed in almost any locomotive.

Address Information is transmitted via the normal track connections.  This address can be made visible on suitable displays (eg the LRC120).  The contents of CV's may also be displayed.

All new Lenz decoders are provided with RailCom as standard. The LRC100 allows you to upgrade older decoders to give them this function.  The LRC100 module on its own provides no motor or function control.

Requirements for RailCom

The necessary "blanking interval" (also known as RailCom cut-out) must be activated in order to run RailCom  (activation instructions are given in the booklet provided with the RailCom Transmitter modules and with all new Lenz decoders).  You will need an LZV200 command station or LV103 amplifier to run Railcom. The LZV100 and LV102 can generate Railcom.  An older LZ100 (version 3.5 or later) may be used in conjuction with an LV102 amplifier in order to run RailCom. - (Please note that amplifiers LV100, LV101, LV200 and compact are unable to provide the Blanking Interval necessary for RailCom).

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