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Specialist French Artisan manufacturer with a unique and beautifully finished range of HO an N railway models.  Rails Europ Express was established by French model railways enthusiast to produce the best models they could, whilst at the same time making them accessable to the majority of modellers.  In only a short time REE have become the largest manufacturer of French HO scale.

All items are to a high level of detail and are only produced in single batch runs.

Detail view of one of the new HO travelling post office coaches
(This has the same price as a Hornby Gresley 61' coach or a Bachmann TPO)
C'est Magnifique!

New 231K due November 2017

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Interested in French Railways - There is a very active SNCF society - Link to www.sncfsociety.org.uk 

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XB-510 Traction tyres for 231D/G/K
REE XB-510XB-510 Traction tyres for 231D/G/K

   XB-510 Pack of 10 Traction tyres for the 231D, 231G and 231K locomotives  In Stock

XB-511 Traction tyres for BB67000. BB67300, BB67400
REE XB-511XB-511 Traction tyres for BB67000. BB67300, BB67400

   XB-511 Pack of 10 Traction tyres for the BB67000, BB67300 and BB67400 locomotives  In Stock

XF-021 ESU 51990 Smoke distillate
REE XF-021XF-021 ESU 51990 Smoke distillate

  XF-021  (ESU 51990) Smoke Distillate fluid for models with a smoke generator.  125ml bottle  In Stock


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