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NEXT18 (NEM 662)

The purpose of this new interface is to provide a safe and secure miniture decoder connenction for N, TT and small HO models.
The NEXT18 interface will control both DC and Coreless motors and provides electrical connections for up to 7 function outputs (F0 + AUX1-AUX6).  Manufacturers are free to use as many of thes connections as they want.  Any connections not used may be left unconnected in the loco circuit board.

The 18 pins are arranged symetrically so that if a decoder is installed the wrong way round then no damage will occur.  This arrangement also means that track power and ground connections are duplicated to increase the current that may flow through them and for a more reliable connection.    Each pin can carry 0.5amp so track pick up can be 1.0amp and ground can also be 1.0amp (Because 2 contacts are used) all other connections will be 0.5amp maximum.

Connection Contact No. Contact No. Connection
Track right 1 18 Track Right
Motor+ 2 17 F0 r
AUX1 3 16 AUX5
AUX3 4 15 U+
GND 5 14 GND
U+ 6 13 AUX4
AUX6 7 12 AUX2
F0 f 8 11 Motor-
Track Left 9 10 Track Left

LE10318-0110318-01 Silver Next18

Lenz 10318-01 Silver Next18

New product in developement 2014 - Price to be confirmed

The Lenz Digital Plus Silver  locomotive decoder is suitable for all DC Locos with Next18 interface.  At the moment Next 18 is found in Bachmann Liliput and Tillig products.

Click here for an explanation of Next18 connections

The characteristics of the decoder are:

  • Super smooth and silent high frequency back emf motor control
  • Supports Automatic Braking Control (ABC)
  • Shunting speed on F3
  • Suitable for operation with 14/27 or 28/128 speed steps
  • Operation on conventional DC layouts is posible or may be disabled
  • Motor and function outputs have short circuit protection
  • Seven function outputs rated at 500mA each with advanced function mapping
  • Directional or independent lighting with dimming and special effects
  • Support for Multiple traction and long addresses (Loco addresses up to 9,999)
  • Support for programming on the mainline (Programming on Main POM)
  • Support for all forms of programming as described in NMRA RP-9.2.3
  • RailCom

UH73230Uhlenbrock 73230 Decoder scale N-TT with Next18

73230 Decoder scale N-TT with NEXT18

New Item 2nd quarter 2014

DCC Multi-protocol decoder with load regulation for DC and Faulhaber motors.  With higher current capacity for small locos with High current demands (N, TT, OO/HO)

73230 Features
• Regulated Multi-protocol decoder for DCC, Motorola – with automatic system recognition for analog DC
• Suitable for DC and Bell armature motors up to 0.7A (1.0A peak current)
• Quiet motor running with 18.75KHz control frequency
• 14, 27, 28, 31 and 128 speed steps depending on the data format
• Short (1-127) and long (128-9999) addresses
• NMRA compatible
• Minimum, maximum and middle speeds adjustable
• Speed step table for 14, 28 and 31 speed steps
• Main line programming (DCC)
• Shunting speed (half speed) switched with F3
• Direction dependent, dimmable lighting switched via F0
• Six additional function outputs
• With solder pads for connecting Uhlenbrock IntelliSound modules or LISSY Mini transmitter
• Reacts to DCC brake signal (e.g. from Power 3) “Brake diode” or braking section in DC operation.
• All outputs have short circuit protection
• Conventional DC operation with automatic switching between DC and digital mode
• All CVs programmable by digital devices with DCC and Motorola formats
• Programmable via register, direct CV or page mode in DCC operation
• Updatable using Flash memory
Dimensions: 15 x 9.5 x 2.9mm

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